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About Us

Why we do what we do.

whyMaybe you can already tell. Or you just know. We have this overwhelming passion to make others’ lives better and easier. So we look at and listen to problems. And challenges. Then we break them down into bite sizes so that we can architect a tailored solution. We have evolved this way for two decades. Always trying to get better.

And it’s that deep feeling of satisfaction when a customer tells us that they are better, at the systemic level, because of what we do and how we do it. We’re engineers, systems designers and assemblers who get better because the organizations we touch get better. That’s why we do what we do. So we can keep solving problems, growing and getting better.

Our legacy.

Sensatronics was founded over 10 years ago with the singular objective of being your dependable resource for remote monitoring and protecting your valuable assets. Today, our primary objective remains the same; we are dedicated to deploying superb temperature and environmental monitoring and alerting solutions you can trust to help you:

  • Prevent product loss while potentially lowering your risk management costs.
  • Pass and to remain within regulatory compliance standards
  • Avoid potentially catastrophic events and allow you to take a proactive approach to temperature and environmental monitoring with our tailored systems.

An expensive product loss?
pain1It’s Friday night or Saturday. Storm comes through. Breaker trips and powers goes down. No back up. The freezer’s compressor sighs and goes quiet. No alert system. Fast forward to early Monday and your crew comes in @ 7:00 to load out a big order for your best customer.

And they notice the quiet. They rush to the freezer door. Opening it they are hit with the smell and the heat. And now you have a big problem! And it has lots of moving parts. More than 2 Advil can handle. A $68,415 direct product inventory loss and loss of face with your customer. What’s next? Triage.

Then pull up your Sensatronics contact information. Let the healing and loss prevention begin.

Regulatory compliance a challenge?
pain2Licensing and compliance certification go together as part of a cost center. Not much fun. No direct ROI. And lots of hands on by expensive human resources. Part of the core processes that comprise your facility operations. How well are your reports integrated into systems controlling temperature-sensitive inventories?

If you could wake up one Monday morning at the end of the month and actually go into your office with a small smile on your face, how good would that be? OK, the report is due Friday.

But you have a monitoring and alerting system in place and working to not only protect your assets and your people but to also generate certifiable reports based upon 24 X 7 data collection, formatting and automatic report generation with the crucial data safely locked up either on your servers or in the cloud. Now you can focus on those priorities that really matter. Cool, huh?

People safety concerns?
pain3There are two words we all have nightmares about at some point in our work schedules and careers. “Contingent Liability!” Sounds like lawyer speak. But you know that it means health, safety and the environment you and your teams work in and deal with.

And you say “we have insurance for accidents”. Absolutely . . . you do. But given the fact that today the typical employee checks their email 80 times and hour and they task switch many times a day, there are still risk factors you can control.

Keeping valuable medications, tissue samples, blood & plasma safe and secure, and employees, restaurant customers, patients and kids safe from infections and disease are your responsibility. It’s complicated. And yet, you can make improvements. Systems that monitor and alert on-call techs and other responsive supervisors not only protect valuable people, they also can lower the cost of your risk management by keeping you ahead of the containment curve and in reporting compliance. And that means you dream about something else! Something nicer.

What our customers are saying about us . . .

“I was impressed with the simplicity of the solution, as well as the low cost. It was extremely affordable,’ says Serafin. Couple that with the risk of losing a refrigerator containing up to $10,000 worth of food and this simple solution could pay for itself with one alert. Sensatronics’ automated solutions have even been known to increase compliance to food safety and quality audits.”

Tom Serafin, Director of Food Service, Concord Hospital.

“In the past, customers would notify us of a cable outage and we would dispatch techs to diagnose and resolve the problem. In this case, a Sensatronics temperature monitor alerted us to a potential problem that we were able to resolve before there was any disruption to service. The alert came in the form of a text message to the cell phone of one of our on-call techs.”

Mike Lapadu, General Manger, Convergent Broadband Communications.

“The PRTG is working wonderfully and I love the interface. Last month there was a problem with the AC unit in one of our remote office server rooms. Without the PRTG monitoring we would not have noticed so quickly, your solution has probably saved some servers!”

Fabrizio Zanella, Systems Manager at CST of America.