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Working 24 X 7 to Prevent Costly Product Losses

Because you deserve the best choice to safeguard your precious inventories, to assure your customers and/or patients are safe and to deliver seamless regulatory compliance reports, you really do want


Sensatronics unique temperature monitoring and alerting systems are accurate, constant, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for managing and reporting the status of your temperature-sensitive inventories. Our end-to-end solution platform delivers mobile text and email messages to your designated techs whenever the system records a deviation from limits so that they can take quick action to prevent a costly product loss.

With almost 90% of all mobile text messages opened within 90 seconds, Sensatronics is the fastest, most reliable system to avoid safety infractions, costly inventory losses, damage to valuable products and higher risk assessments. And the bonus is that you are instantly in compliance reporting mode with automated tracking. Software is installed in the cloud OR on premise.

Priced competitively, every Sensatronics inventory monitoring and alerting solution is custom engineered for your business objectives, inventory type and reporting requirements. Examples of inventories currently being monitored 24 x 7 by Sensatronics solutions include:

  • Blood
  • Vaccines
  • Medications
  • Clinical Research Lab Samples
  • Cafeteria storage lockers
  • Restaurant fridges & freezers
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Processing & packaging plants
Our flexible software options allow for on-premises installation or Amazon cloud installation for access
and visibility into your data from wherever you are - including "on the run" with the iPhone/Android app.


Why we do what we do.

Maybe you can already tell. Or you just know. We have this overwhelming passion to make others' lives better and easier. So we look at and listen to problems. And challenges. Then we break them down into bite sizes. And then, miraculously you say, we design and build solutions. We have evolved this way for two decades. Always trying to get better.

How we do what we do.

Yes, we began with the pieces. The monitors. The algorithms that sense and tell. How do we build them to work across the vast array of temperatures from really hot to really cold? We learned and then we did. And you bought and installed them. Now we listen first to understand. And then we take what we understand is a major pain for you...

What our customers are saying.

"I was impressed with the simplicity of the solution, as well as the low cost. It was extremely affordable," says Serafin. Couple that with the risk of losing a refrigerator containing up to $10,000 worth of food and this simple solution could pay for itself with one alert. Sensatronics" automated solutions have even been known to increase...

You can turn your pains into gains!

An expensive product loss?

It's Friday night or Saturday. Storm comes through. Breaker trips and powers goes down. No back up. The freezer's compressor sighs and goes quiet. No alert system. Fast forward to early Monday and your crew comes in @ 7:00 to load out a big order for your best customer.

Regulatory compliance a challenge?

Licensing and compliance certification go together as part of a cost center. Not much fun. No direct ROI. And lots of hands on by expensive human resources. Part of the core processes that comprise your facility operations. How well are your reports integrated...

People safety concerns?

There are two words we all have nightmares about at some point in our work schedules and careers. "Contingent Liability!" Sounds like lawyer speak. But you know that it means health, safety and the environment you and your teams work in and deal with. And you say "we have insurance for accidents".