Your Complete Temp Monitoring Solution

6 Essential Components

  • Temperature Monitors

    Temperature Monitors

    High-accuracy monitors with attachments for multiple probes.

  • Cloud-Based Monitoring

    Cloud-Based Monitoring

    Access to your data and alerts from anywhere at any time.

  • We Work With You

    We Work With You

    Our applications engineers help you design the best solution.

  • Temperature Probes

    Temperature Probes

    Heavy Duty temperature probes from -140°F to +500°F.

  • Mobile Apps Available

    Mobile Apps Available

    iPhone/Android apps available to get monitoring on the go.

  • Warranty & Support

    Warranty & Support

    3-year product warranty.

What our customers are saying

A few words from some of our customers....

“I was impressed with the simplicity of the solution, as well as the low cost. It was extremely affordable,’ says Serafin. Couple that with the risk of losing a refrigerator containing up to $10,000 worth of food and this simple solution could pay for itself with one alert. Sensatronics’ automated solutions have even been known to increase compliance to food safety and quality audits.”
Tom Serafin
Tom Serafin
Dir, Food Services, Concord Hospital
"In the past, customers would notify us of a cable outage and we would dispatch techs to diagnose and resolve the problem. In this case, a Sensatronics temperature monitor alerted us to a potential problem that we were able to resolve before there was any disruption to service. The alert came in the form of a text message to the cell phone of one of our on-call techs."
Mike Lapadu
Mike Lapadu
General Manager, Convergent Broadband Communications
"The benefit of going the wired route far outweighs the initial front end cost of cabling. Hands down. There just is no comparison. Your hardware is top notch and we never have issues with it. Its my conviction that none of your competitors come anywhere near your level of excellence. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a temperature monitoring system."
Norm Therrien
Norm Therrien
Application Analyst, Summit Health Information Services

Prevent Costly Product Loss

Whether you’re trying to protect vaccines in a lab or food in a freezer or warehouse, you need a network temperature monitoring system that sends you temp alerts so you can act quickly. Don’t wait until it’s too late, of if it’s already happened to you, don’t let it happen again. Guarantee your products are safe and get notified if they’re not. The time to act is now!

Meet Safety Regulations

Does your state have specific temperature monitoring safety regulations? If you’re not sure, you should find out! We can help you ace your next safety audit, showing your temperature performance over time. We’ll also help you setup escalating temp alerts in the form of  text messages or emails that will help you make sure your temperature history is well within the range it needs be. Don’t let your company face the pain of failing an audit! Put a temperature monitoring system in place today that helps you do it right.